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Rotor revolution 
for  a  carbon neutral future.

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A viable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional propulsion systems.


HaloDrive increases propulsive efficiency by up to 35% and reduces noise by 40% while offering a compact, heat tolerant system to power next-generation craft around the globe more quietly, sustainably and cost-effectively.

An all-electric revolution in aviation powertrains.



Tomorrow's propulsion.

Today's vision.


At RogersEV our vision is a cleaner and greener world driven by a powertrain that maximises the advantages of electrification, helping cultivate a new generation of air platforms.

We believe that a revolution in motor and rotor technology is needed, not an evolution. If our transition into 3D urban travel is to be realised, we need small, quiet, safer and more efficient craft with a smaller carbon footprint both on the ground and in the air.

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A dynamic team in the

birthplace of aviation.

Located in Hampshire in the UK - the origins of the jet engine - our team is a mix of both experienced and young engineers, designing a new era of sustainable aviation.

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Our partners:

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